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QS Southern offers on-site Microsoft Office Training Courses in all modules of Microsoft Office 2000, Office 2003 and Office 2007 to give maximum value for money as well as a series of half day Byte Sized Microsoft Office Courses at a venue near you. One to One training is offered at a specially reduced rate and the Byte Size scheme allows you to take learning and development away from the office for half day MS Office training with minimum disruption to diaries and deadlines. Introductory and intermediate spreadsheet courses and word processing courses are available on-site or at a Byte Sized venue.


Non-Profit and Charitable Organisations

We always offer a special deal for charities, and those which are non VAT registered benefit further because no VAT is charged on QS Southern training.


Regular On-Site Training Courses - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher and Outlook

As experienced trainers we are well aware of the high cost of private and public training courses currently being offered by the larger training companies. Their price includes a large contribution to running their office premises and paying all the overheads associated with a large organisation. In contrast to that QS Southern will provide an experienced trainer for the day, and you get detailed and illustrated training notes, but only pay a standard daily rate for a remarkably similar course. Because QS Southern has no large organisation or premises to support all you pay for is the training received, and, as if that were not enough, the very first Intro Word training or Intro Excel spreadsheet training course you book with us, for up to eight delegates, can be followed within 30 days with the Intermediate course at the special price of only two hundred pounds to give you a chance to evaluate just how QS Southern - We Train Office can make your training budget go so much further. That offer applies to Introductory Word or Introductory Excel only and is good for either or both courses for a limited period only.

We have been running Microsoft Office training courses since the days of Word 2 and Excel 5 and have extensive experience working with a variety of clients across the country. There may sometimes be a modest travel charge or an overnight charge depending on where the training takes place but such charges are always agreed prior to an order being accepted. MS Office training in Bucks, Oxon, Berks or Herts will not have any travel charges added while Greater London attracts an additional, but modest, thirty pounds for each training day. Training assignments further away are not out of the question - just ask us - if we can help, we will.

As an alternative to the conventional courses we also offer the Byte Size scheme at selected venues, and drop in clinics on Microsoft Office at your premises. If your staff members just need a few pointers to solve current issues they may have with Word, Excel or any of the other modules in MS Office they can drop in individually for half an hour or so. Most software application problems can be solved this way and any that don't get resolved on the spot can usually be resolved later by e mail. This approach takes less set up than a conventional course - all you need is a room somewhere and a PC with your current version of MS Office running on it. Your staff spend the minimum time away from their desks and the cost is minimal. 


Scheduled Public Courses

A limited number of public courses will be announced soon - initially in the Oxford area - which will cover Word 2003, Word 2007, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 at hands-on intro and intermediate levels and which will be limited to a maximum of five delegates. Later will be PowerPoint and Access courses.

Watch this space for a diary of events and venues.


Byte Sized Microsoft Office

New for 2009 was the Byte Sized Microsoft Office half day courses. Each on specific parts of the modules of Microsoft Office 2003 or Office 2007 and held in various venues throughout Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. Typical courses are Pivot Tables and Lookup Tables in Excel 2003 or perhaps Mail Merge and Tables in Word 2007 and they are structured so that you can select only those parts of Office which are important to you - you save on time, most people can find half a day for some focussed training, and you save money. All the courses in the Byte Sized series are priced at 40 per person per course and an optional CD with detailed notes covering all the techniques demonstrated in the course and worked examples and files to allow you to go through everything covered is also available at 5 per copy.

An events diary on the Byte Sized page will show what courses are available where (and when) and we anticipate having as many as eight venues for you to choose from. All courses will be available in a 2003 and a 2007 version. So that we can be sure we cover the parts of Microsoft Office that most people want to know more about you are invited to e mail or phone us and tell us what you need. If your request can reasonably be built into one of our MS Office Courses we will let you know which course, or courses, it has gone in to and when that event will be running.

All bookings can be handled by E Mail or telephone and then by invoice but credit card facilities are available on the events diary to speed the process up. You can turn up on the day and take a chance - but please make sure the course is running - and you can pay by cash or cheque on the day.

Google Checkout is now available. Please let us know if you experience any problems with it. Contact us on 01844 358189 or admin@qssouthern.co.uk 

Click here to see the current event diary for Byte Sized Training


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Microsoft Word is the best known word processing software in the world. All users can benefit from structured word processing training both in terms of confidence and in ease of use. Routine tasks are made easier and more advanced documents are made possible. 


Microsoft Excel has a long established pedigree and offers an enormous range of facilities to the occasional as well as to the power user. If you ever wonder "what is a pivot table?" pick up the phone or e mail us now. Spreadsheet training will pay dividends in saved time and greater functionality.


If it's a presentation it has to be PowerPoint. The choice of professionals everywhere. PowerPoint animations and slide transitions can be learned easily.


This excellent relational database offers the designer multiple table queries, input and output forms and advanced reporting facilities. Full security and database locking allows multi user access to the records. 


The favourite e mail, contact and task list manager of all Office users. See how the various elements can work together for maximum efficiency. Set rules to control your inbox and move e mails automatically.


Take control of simple or complex projects with this full featured program. Track tasks and resources to ensure up to date information for decision making. See the whole project in Gantt chart view.


This is where you can produce all those flyers, business cards, brochures, invitations, web pages, illustrations and price lists.

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* The special introductory offer on Word and Excel has a limit of eight delegates and is offered on the standard Introductory Word or Introductory Excel levels only.



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