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Microsoft Excel has a long established pedigree and offers an enormous range of facilities to the occasional as well as to the power user. Learn how to use pivot tables in MS Excel to extract meaningful information from your data on a QS Southern course. Learn Excel and see your data come alive with conditional formatting, create lookup tables, Excel charts and learn to nest IF conditions with ease.

Key Benefits

Create, add to or change worksheets the easy way 
Meaningful results in a fraction of the time
Automation reduces errors

Standard Courses


Introduction to Excel

1 day

Intermediate Excel

1 day

Who is this course designed for? This course is for those with little or even no experience of Excel This course is for those with a good basic grasp of Excel wanting to further develop their knowledge and confidence.
What will they learn? They will learn the building blocks of worksheet construction from scratch to enable them to be more productive; how to filter and present data, format and protect cells and to move easily around the Excel screens. In the course delegates will create a small cash flow worksheet and add formulas and functions to that worksheet and will also create a small database. Building on the introductory course delegates will add look-up tables, pivot tables, worksheet auditing, data integrity enforcement, conditional formatting, charts, nested formulas and “what if” scenarios. The cash flow spreadsheet will be made three dimensional and worksheets linked to each other and to Word.
How will they benefit? At the end of the course each delegate will have sufficient confidence and knowledge to be able to use existing Excel spreadsheets usefully or to create their own.  At the end of this course delegates will be able to create more advanced worksheets, analyse data and automate worksheets with “if” statements and look up tables.
Where will the course be held? On your premises to avoid high travelling costs for your staff and to learn in a familiar PC environment. Courses are available in Excel 2000, Excel 2003 and Excel 2007 
Is it expensive? No. With a group of six the cost per delegate could be as little as £50 each. Detailed and illustrated notes accompany each course.
Are there any other Excel courses? Yes. We can structure a course, or a series of courses, to accommodate your exact needs. You might want to explore Pivot Tables in more depth, produce better charts or perhaps you need an introduction to Excel macros and Excel VBA.

If training time is limited you may also want to consider one of the many Byte Sized Excel Courses available at venues in Bucks and Oxon. Click here for the Byte Sized events diary 


Good Books on Excel

Excel 2007

I like the All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies Series. I refer to this one a lot. You can never have too many books but this one is a good starting point for Excel. The price has come down a bit since I bought mine too.


Excel 2003

All the same comments as above except to say that if you are not thinking of upgrading to Office 2007 then you need to get this book while you still can. It is an ideal companion to the software and will save you so much time it will pay for itself.


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