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Take control of simple or complex projects with this full featured program. Track tasks and resources to ensure up to date information for decision making. See the whole project in Gantt chart view.

Key Benefits

Multiple views allow you to see the bigger picture or the fine detail
Critical path clearly identified
Has that familiar "Office" feel to it.

Standard Courses

  Introductory Project
1 day
Intermediate Project
1 day
Who is this course designed for?

This course is for those with little or no experience of Project although a good grasp of the basics of project management is required.

This course is for those who have attended the introductory course and wish to develop their skills further.

What will they learn?

They will learn how to enter tasks and resources and how to display the project in standard and composite views. The base and individual resource calendars will be modified and task to task relationships established. The project will be tracked in standard and custom reports and then printed after formatting.

This course builds on the project entered in the introductory course and introduces further controls on the task relationships, resource scheduling and fine-tuning of the project to allow flexibility as requirements change. Further tracking and reporting is examined as well as using the project information in other packages or publishing on the internet.

How will they benefit?

They will be able to enter, modify and track a simple project up to the point of printing variance and progress reports.

The intermediate course will add considerably to the skills learned earlier; making detailed tracking, administering and reporting on more complex projects possible

Where will the course be held?

On your premises to avoid high travelling costs for your staff and to learn in a familiar PC environment. Courses are available in Project 2000 and Project 2003. 

Is it expensive?

No. With a group of six the cost per delegate could be as little as 50 each. Detailed and illustrated notes accompany each course. Other content can be introduced by arrangement.

Are there any other Project courses? Yes. We can structure a course, or a series of courses, to accommodate your exact needs. You might want to include your own company project templates or develop new templates. 


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