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Microsoft Word is probably the best known word processing software in the world. All users can benefit from structured training both in terms of confidence and in ease of use. Routine tasks are made easier and more advanced documents are made possible. Learn about MS Word templates, styles and Word macros and how mail merge can produce standard letters with ease .

Key Benefits

Eye catching documents produced with little effort
Documents formatted and reformatted with confidence
Get more out of Word - save time and money!

Standard Courses


Introduction to Word

1 day

Intermediate Word

1 day

Who is this course designed for? This course is for those with little or even no experience of Word. This course is for those wanting to further develop their knowledge and confidence.
What will they learn?

They will learn the basics of word processing to enable them to create documents effectively by using many of the time saving features of Microsoft Word. The course covers page layout, margins, font and paragraph formatting, simple tabs, spell check and auto-correct.

Tables, bullet points and numbering are introduced along with the mailmerge facilities both from within Word and from an Excel database.

Building on the introductory course delegates will use more advanced tabs and tables, explore styles and document templates and break documents into sections. Tables of Contents and other references are introduced as well as the creation of multi column layouts containing graphic objects.

Further time savers such as AutoText are introduced to enhance and  develop the userís productivity.

How will they benefit? At the end of the course each delegate will have sufficient confidence and knowledge to be able to create attractive and useful documents and to modify or reformat existing files. At the end of this course delegates will be able to more easily develop better documents using styles, advanced formatting and document templates.
Where will the course be held? On your premises to avoid high travelling costs for your staff and to learn in a familiar PC environment. Courses are available in Word 2000, Word 2003 and Word 2007. 
Is it expensive? No. With a group of six the cost per delegate could be as little as £50 each. Detailed and illustrated notes accompany each course. Other content can be introduced by arrangement.
Are there any other Word courses? Yes. We can structure a course, or a series of courses, to accommodate your exact needs. You might want to include your own company templates or house styles, or perhaps you need an introduction to macros and VBA. 

If training time is limited you may also want to consider one of the many Byte Sized Word Courses available at venues in Bucks and Oxon. Click here for the Byte Sized events diary 


Good Books on Word

Word 2007

I like the All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies Series. I refer to this one and the Excel equivalent a lot. Most of the normal things you might want to do in Word are covered in this book. I seem to remember paying more for my copy though. At this price it's a bargain.



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