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This excellent relational database offers the designer multiple table queries, input and output forms and advanced reporting abilities. Full security and database locking allows multi-user access to the records.

Key Benefits

Has a familiar "Excel" look to it
Powerful query facilities leading to meaningful reports and forms
    Action queries
    Select queries
Duplication of data entry eliminated
Automation with macros and VBA

Standard Courses


Introduction to Access
1 day

Intermediate Access
1 day

Who is this course designed for?

This course is for those with little or even no experience of Access. They will probably have had experience of building a database in Excel.

The intermediate course is for those with some experience of using Access or who have been on the introductory course.

What will they learn?

The introductory course covers building a single and a multiple table database with field formatting, input masks and simple sorting and filtering. Queries will be built linking the tables to produce datasets. Delegates will learn how to generate reports with the report wizard and to amend and format those report.

The intermediate course builds on the introductory course by adding forms, both for input and for database interrogation, more advanced queries and reports, and adds macros and VBA to automate routine tasks.

Action queries, data export and import, as well as table links to other databases are also covered.

How will they benefit?

They will be able to create, control and modify databases to hold varying types of data while avoiding the wasted effort of duplication. A normalised database hold the records in the most useful form for querying and reporting and they will be able to perform ad hoc, parameter based and pre-defined extracts with ease.

Skills and techniques learned in this course will enable delegates to design, build and maintain databases which can adapt to new requirements. They will understand the basics of using macros and VBA in automation and data integrity.

Where will the course be held?

On your premises to avoid high travelling costs for your staff and to learn in a familiar PC environment. Courses are available in Access 2000, Access 2003 and Access 2007 

Is it expensive?

No. With a group of six the cost per delegate could be as little as 50 each. Detailed and illustrated notes accompany each course.

Are there any other Access courses?

Yes. We can structure a course, or a series of courses, to accommodate your exact needs. You might want to control multiple users, add advanced controls to forms, or perhaps you need an introduction to Access Macros and VBA. 


Good Books on Access

Access 2007

Microsoft Office Access 2007 All-in-one Desk Reference for Dummies (Paperback)

These All-in-one Desk Reference series are very useful indeed. This book is an excellent launching pad to get you up and running with Access. Avoid some of the table relationship problems that the unwary build in to their databases and learn about good design.



Access 2007

Beginning Access 2007 VBA (Paperback)

A good book for those absolutely new to VBA as well as for those with programming knowledge but new to Access.



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