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The favourite e mail, calendar, contact and task list manager of all Office users. Learn how to use the activities tab to find all the e mail from a particular contact and how to save time with repeat appointments. Learn how to never miss important birthdays or anniversaries ever again.

Key Benefits

Efficient use of the Inbox
Set rules in Outlook to save time
Harness the power of tasks lists and contacts
Leave yourself electronic "post it" notes

Standard Courses


Introductory Outlook
1/2 day

Business Contact Manager
1/2 day

Who is this course designed for?

Anyone who uses Outlook to send and receive E-Mails.

Course details available here soon. If you need them now phone us on 01844 358189

What will they learn?

They will learn efficient inbox administration and how to minimise unwanted E-Mails. The course covers creating rules to automatically divert, delete or respond to E-Mails and to get the maximum from the contacts folder; how to initiate E-Mails and mail merge from one or more categories in the contact list; schedule meetings and create recurring events in the calendar; make best use of the task list and utilise the notes section.

How will they benefit?

Outlook is a powerful, full featured programme and delegates will be able to get the most out of it after the course. Outlook will help in making all who use it move to a new level of productivity by using the different modules in unison.

Where will the course be held?

On your premises to avoid high travelling costs for your staff and to learn in a familiar PC environment. Courses are available in Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. 

Is it expensive?

No. With a group of six the cost per delegate could be as little as 25 each. Detailed and illustrated notes accompany each course. Other content can be introduced by arrangement. To make a full day you might want to consider combining the Outlook course with Introductory PowerPoint.

Are there any other Outlook courses?

Yes. We can structure a course, or a series of courses, to accommodate your exact needs. The course could be extended to cover more detail, specific to your needs, and run for a full day.


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Last modified: October 15, 2010